Hand Crafted Wood Furniture!

If you are longing for hand-crafted, solid wood furniture and home furnishings, visit us at:

The Grand Old Barn
a division of the Thunder Built Construction Group

We specialize in crafting reproduction, Early American, Country and Primitive furniture and home furnishings.  All of our products are handmade / hand finished right on site, one piece at a time. 

  No mass production and no "chipboard" for our clients!

What We Do & Why our Customers Love us


Here at the Grand Old Barn we design and hand-craft furniture and home furnishings just like those found in American homes 200 years ago.


Each piece is handmade and finished with exacting detail and craftsmanship to create the look and feel of Early American, Country and Primitive furniture and home furnishings. 


THE GRAND OLD BARN is chock full of Tables, Desks, Cupboards, Jelly Cupboards, Settle Benches, Americana pieces, Bucket Benches, Shelves, Candle Boxes, Pipe & Tobacco Holders, Trunks, Chests, Wardrobes, Cowboy Coolers and much, much more.


Can't find the exact piece in just the right finish to match your needs? Not a problem!
We provide custom design, creations, and finishes to meet your exact needs and tastes.   


The majority of our items are made of locally grown White Pine.  We buy most of our lumber at a local mill and it is air dried to the exact moisture content required to create a stable, quality piece just for you and your family.  Some of our products are hard wood such as Oak, Maple, Walnut and some are a combination of both hard wood and White Pine. 


The bulk of our items are finished with Milk Paint, which is non toxic so we are doing our GREEN part here at Grand Old Barn!  Our work is also finished with a hand-rubbed oil and wax finish.  Some items that will invariably be in wet conditions like kitchens and baths are given a protective finish of egg shell polyurethane to bring you and your family years of enjoyment with your Grand Old Barn creations.

Check out our photo album of Grand Old Barn designs.

Invest in furniture and home furnishings  that your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will love and cherish as much as you do.  

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