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Quick Winter Pour

Lake House Addition
This is another Lakehouse that included a new addition as well as awesome new windows.

We helped out Joe Valentine, owner of Valentine Concrete Services, pour 24 yards at a large Blue Stone Cutting Operation.

This was a large project that spanned several seasons. A new 2 story addition going on the front.  Had to demo the old small bedroom first.
Now it's a great Lakehouse! 


House Raising in flood zone!

Everybody deserves a New Deck!

Thunderbuilt is starting a new addition.
We will build a new rear wall upon a new concrete foundation.  We'll build a new front wall as well.   New roof trusses will be erected, and the old roof will be demolished from within.

Ultimately a new kitchen and great room will follow. 
Stay tuned and follow Thunderbuilt on our latest project.


We recently completed a major repair project for a Log Home owner.
His home had suffered significant insect and water damage to numerous logs.  The logs in question were no longer suitable to bear the weight of the logs above them so they had to be carefully removed and replaced.
We first had to shore up the house to remove the damaged logs.  Then we framed up the new walls, reinstalled wiring and insulation and installed new log siding designed to match the contour of the original logs.  The log siding will be caulked and stained to match the rest of the home.


If you or a friend has suffered similar damage to your log home, be sure to call THUNDER BUILT CONSTRUCTION to do the repairs. 

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