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We are making excellent progress on construction of the 25-student housing project.
Today we moved into a new section of the project.  The photos show the elevated platform that will serve as four bedrooms, kitchen & bath.

The entire area below the platform will be open space.
If I was back in school this is where I would want to stay.

Please stay tuned to this page as we will continue to provide updates on this project.*

700 sheets of sheet rock
45 doors
Miles of trim
Hardwood floors
No problem!
We Make Awesome Happen Every Single Day!


*Completed by the August 1st deadline!

A Special Thunderbuilt Project!

June 2017- Thunderbuilt recently donated a day of our time to help with a special project called "A Room to Heal" for a local family with a very sick young boy.

Last year Thunder Built Construction donated its time to install a wall mural for a young girl suffering from brain cancer.
The project was coordinated through the "A Room To Heal" foundation.
We at TBC regularly seek out opportunities to help those in need.  The giving of our time was priceless after seeing how happy the young girl was with her brand new bedroom.

New Dormitory & Infirmary at Youth Camp

Winter of 2016-2017!

Look through the step-by-step progress as Thunder Built creates a beautiful new infirmary/dormitory for one of our nearby youth camps.

This project is a 68' x 90' building where staff will provide triage services, dispense medications and offer rooms for routine exams and overnight stays plus 6 rooms that will serve as living quarters for the 24/7 on-site nursing staff.

This was our home for that whole record-breaking winter!
Baby it's cold outside!